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Whitepapers and Presentations

Advanced Idle Scanning

This presentation was part of an (ISC)2 and ISACA Cyprus Chapter joint event that took place on the 25th of September 2014. It introduces a number of novel ways and proof of concept tools for performing advanced idle scanning and revealing permissive firewall rules for trusted 3rd party networks/hosts.

Downloads: PPTX | PDF | TOOL

Pwning MDaemon

The whitepaper illustrates how skillful attackers can creatively exploit a number of vulnebilities affecting Alt-N's MDaemon Mail Server to gain remote access on the affected system.


Packet Sniffing - Part 1

During the 1st IT Pro Cyprus Community Event, QSecure and CDMA Services Ltd in collaboration with independent researchers Demetris Papapetrou and Michael Nicolaou, demonstrated simple techniques that hackers employ, to perform Man-In-The-Middle attacks and steal passwords from users. Part 2 of the demonstration is scheduled for Computrain's Cybercrime Security Forum 2012.

Hack-Jutsu 101

A live demonstration of real hacking techniques that attempted to educate the viewers on the way hackers think and operate and on the methods and tools they utilize during their attacks. The demonstration was part of the Cyprus Computer Society's 1st Annual Open Hack Day event that took place in June 2011. The demonstration was the result of a collaborative effort between QSecure and independent researcher Demetris Papapetrou.

How Weak is the Weakest Link?

A presentation that was scheduled to be performed during the 2009 Cybercrime Security Forum but was canceled at the very last minute. It was based on research work performed by QSecure in collaboration with independent researchers Demetris Papapetrou and Charalambos Kanios.