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Information Security Services

In today's world, creating a secure IT environment requires knowledge and expertise that ordinary IT staff and vendors do not possess. It requires specialized skills that go beyond training seminars and classroom exercises. The security professional needs to think like a hacker and possess the skills of one in order to mitigate the threats imposed by them.

Who we are

We are a company that specializes in the provision of information security and risk management services. Our security consulting team consists of a number of highly skilled, highly motivated and extremely dedicated security specialists whose aim is to provide value adding risk advisory services to companies worldwide.

Our security assessment, management and training services can help you assess and mitigate the risks that threaten your organization's information assets and impact your business critical operations and reputational image. We can help you implement the right security processes and procedures so as to improve your security posture seamlessly and efficiently, without affecting your normal business operations.


Cyber security is a dynamic process that must be effectively managed in order for organizations to respond to new vulnerabilities and evolving threats. In cyber security, our concerns are focused on the preservation/assurance of three information attributes:

  • Confidentiality

    Preventing unauthorized disclosure.

  • Integrity

    Preventing unauthorized modification.

  • Availability

    Preventing unauthorized destruction or denial of access.

QSecure's services are designed to help you secure your business by proactively identifying, analyzing and assessing risks that threaten your organization's information assets. This results in a secure network that is able to resist attacks and provides stability. The loss of company data can put organizations out of business, have significant financial impact and/or severely damage their reputation. Therefore, organizations must proactively identify and remediate security weaknesses in their systems.

Our Partners

CDMA Services

CDMA Services Ltd

CDMA's network, security and IP telephony infrastructure implementation services are designed to help organizations quickly and efficiently deploy hardware and software solutions, while minimizing disruption time and operational costs. CDMA Services Ltd helps you gain full value from your investment with timely delivery of solutions that focus on your needs.

A client's satisfaction is our primary objective!

We have built strong partner relationships with information technology firms all over Cyprus in order to help our clients receive services and products that best meet their needs. Our partners have been chosen based on the quality of their services, their drive for hard work and their capability to deliver cost-effective solutions to their clients.

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